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To Age With Excitement, See Miraculous In The Mundane, And Uncover Genius In The Common Places Of Life...

In this ground breaking work of science, psychology and the miracle of nature, readers discover why hope conquers the two worlds science has yet to master, the mind and the cell. Readers learn how hope can reach into the human body and turn even the most debilitating sickness into magnificent health.

To age with excitement, see miraculous in the mundane, and uncover genius in the common places of life. This is Ann. For her, medicine is not a profession, but rather, a calling. A calling to grant hope to the hopeless through teaching what the body can really do.

As a scientist, Ann-Louise Johnson is on a mission to release the infinite healing capacity in every human being. A registered nurse of more than forty years, and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ann leverages intense personal narratives that inspire her clients to live longer, stronger and with greater adventure than they could ever imagine.

Whether training to compete for an Olympic Gold, facing surgery, or managing a chronic illness, Ann has developed a program to increase your performance, your health, your life. By aligning your internal cellular metabolism with your DNA, her team has built a platform launching you toward your AIM-your self-defined target. Together, we Hope. Together, we build the DNA of Hope.

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