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WildHeart Strong™ Trail

Footsteps never thunder in a forest
But tread lightly like the deer
Who jump through rainbows on the trail
Without bending a ray, then go so silently on...
Footsteps never thunder in a forest.

The thundering is in your heart.
I can feel it beating from here.
Look within and ask...
Is your heart beating with adventure or fear?

Adventure and fear are the same
Just opposite sides of the same face;
One smiles climbing the trail determined
Walking tall, like the forest trees, pruned by strong winds.
The other sweats, standing still, shaking, feeling the fear that isn’t.
Both hearts beat like thunder; one pulses, one quakes.

How can these two - adventure and fear
Walk the forest of life, together?
How can they dance over life trails like a deer?
How can they stand in a rainbow without bending a ray?
How can adventure and fear meet and walk together tall and strong?

Adventure and fear meet on the WildHeart Strong trail.
Face fear and the adventure starts...
Face fear boldly and watch it melt....into the face of adventure.

If your heart fears the rose thorns cutting your feet
Let me pull them out with a rose petal and soften your trail walk.

If your heart fears the rocks that bruise and scar
Its courage that gives story to each bruise and scar.

If your heart fears to walk on the forest path before sunrise,
    catching a glimpse of doe with fawns waking...
I thirst for this.  Walk with me.

If your heart fears and quakes when the wild wind blows
Touch a tree bending in the wind and know that’s why it stands tall.

If your heart fears from the wolf who watches
Chilling bones as hair stands taller than you, stooping
Listen....shhhh....she’s protecting, not watching you.

These are the ways of WildHeart Strong
Wild heart.

Answering the call of the wild with each footstep explored
Strong heart.

Discovering God’s breath in the living vein of a leaf
Inspiring heart.

Sharing and releasing new found strength within, painting a new you
Painting heart.

Brushing fear with a new face, etched in every footstep on the trail
Courageous heart.

Footsteps never thunder in a forest, but the heart thunders with adventure.
Thundering heart

So walk the WildHeart Strong trail with me
Go onto the trail
Be WildHeart Strong
With a wild heart
Go strong
Go inspiring
Go painting
Go in courage
Go thundering
Go now.

The WildHeart Strong trail awaits you....